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This one has 2 podcasts in one.  Sam and Mattie are 2 teenagers with DS who are making a zombie movie and a documentary about that zombie movie.  Sam's brother, and the creator of thier Kickstarter campaign, Jesse, is hear to chat with us. (12 minutes).  Then we bring in the Executive Director of the DSAIA(Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action), Deanna Tharpe to talk about a ton of stuff!(65minutes). Check out all the great things both of these two have to say.

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The 8th LowDown brings Hollywood to our little show.  We've got the writer and director of the movie Produce on the line and get to find out all about him, how he came up with the movie, and how his view of people with special needs changed so dramatically while making this movie.  This is a podcast you will hopefully want to share with others.  Beyond all that, please do what you can to get the word out on this terrific film.  It shows such a great awareness of those with DS and the Special Needs community.  Enjoy!

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Great, and yes, long but worth it podcast with Sara Weir from the NDSS, who will talk about all things ABLE Act and when we can see an actual vote, when the bill becomes law, and how long it will take to start using it.  Great Info!  Also at about 42 minutes in, we talk to Tim Harris and Sabrina Torreblanca.  THE Tim Harris is the owner of Tim's Place, and is the first person with DS in the US to own and operate his own restaurant.  Tim is fresh off meeting with the President, so we're happy he gave us some time.  Sabrina discusses the Harris' family new organization called Tim's Big Heart Foundation which helps entrepreneurs with developmental disabilities own their own businesses.  And of course, we learn about their dinner guests!  Great info and great conversations!

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Part 2 of the NDSC Conference podcast focuses on the Self-Advocates - people who have Down syndrome and are working hard to create acceptance, awareness, and advocating for a better world for all people with disabilities.  Very fun, funny, and touching interviews with some truly great people.

Interview 1:  Sasha Davis

Interview 2: Steven Sauter

Interview 3: Chess Mitchell and the Mitchell Family

Interview 4: Todd Eisinger

Interview 5: Kayla Koswalski(Princess Kayla)

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Podcast #5 is Part 1 of our interviews at the NDSC Conference in Indianapolis in July of 2014.  This portion features the following organizations and movers/shakers doing incredible things in the DS community and beyond.  Great information, moving talks, funny insights, and just plain cool, cool people!

Interview #1 - Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network(Heather Bradley and Jen Jacob) 5:27 to 28:35

Interview #2 - Specs4Us - Maria Dellapina - 28:44 to 43:09

Interview #3 - Justice For Ethan - Patti Saylor - 43:19 to 1:14:12

Interview #3.5 - Stand Up For Downs - Ellen Snow - 1:14:21 to 1:15:22

Interview #4 - Love Your Brain - Kevin and Adam Pearce. - 1:15:31 to 1:39:18

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The 4th episode of the LowDown brings in the Executive Director and Founder of Global Down Syndrome Foundation - Michelle Sie Whitten.  Listen to her really unique background and how she came to start Global.  Michelle brings her perspective and insight on the current state and future state of the DS community, and shares the initiatives Global is currently working on.  Michelle is one of the most motivated and visionary people I have met in this community(or any other).  Enjoy the ride!

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In our 3rd podcast we shake it up a bit, and interview someone from the comedy world instead of the DS community.  Matt Braunger is a very good friend of SUFD founder, Rob Snow, and will be the headliner in an upcoming SUFD event on September 27th in Chicago.  Matt has 2 Comedy Central specials, appeared on Letterman, Conan, was a cast member of Mad TV, cast member of NBC's Up All Night sitcom, regular on Chelsea Lately, and many other network and cable programs.  He's also an all around great guy.  I interview Matt about his past, and we get into his view of the R-word, and how it relates to the comedy community.  Incredibly insightful and throught-provoking comments from Matt.  Enjoy the ride!

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Very entertaining and informative interview with Sara Weir(VP Advocacy and Affilitate Relations) and Mark Priceman(VP Marketing and Communitcations) of the NDSS. They provide some great info on the NDSS, the current bills in Congress, and how they work get those bills into law.  Can't believe the work they do, and the things they have to know.

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The Stand Up For Downs Low Down

The very first SUFD Low Down podcast with International Down Syndrome Coalition Founder Diane Grover.  Very thrilled to have the dynamic, ambitious, honest, and funny Diane on our program.  Find out about her background, how she founded IDSC, and what her plans for the future are.

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