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Long but really great podcast where we interviewed 8 amazing non-profits at the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference.  Listen all at once, or pick a non-profit and forward to that point of the podcast.  We just hope you're entertained.  Big thanks to these amazing organizations for being a part of the LowDown.

Forward to any time listed below to hear each interview:

1. National Down Syndrome Congress - Colleen Popp - 02:45

2. Buddy Up Tennis - 10:55

3. National Down Syndrome Adoption Network - Stephanie Thompson - 30:30

4. Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network - Jillian Benfield - 37:20

5. Down Syndrome Family Network - Glen Niles - 1:02:10

6. National Down Syndrome Society - Sara Weir, Kandy Pickard - 1:11:05

7. Gigi's Playhouse - Kristen Malek - 1:44:45

8. Buddy Cruise - Pamela Arnoldson - 1:56:55

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Stand Up For Downs LowDown #24 - Movers and Shakers

We go back to the NDSC conference and interview 5 people doing incredible things in the DS and Disability community in their own very unique ways!  What a blast talking with all of these people.  Click on each name to learn a bit more about each person below.

Maria Dellapina - 5:50 - Maria is the founder and CEO of Specs4Us.  She shares her story and a somewhat tragic story that happened to her and her daughter Erin this year, which every parent needs to hear. She was also named Toyota's Mother of Invention this year.

David DeSanctis - 18:05 - David is the co-star of the major motion picture, Where Hope Grows.

Marcus and Mardra Sikora - 30:40 - Marcus and his mom Mardra, are now officially both professional writers.  While Mardra has been writing and advocating for a while through blogs and published articles, as well as co-authoring A Parents Guide To Down Syndrome, Marcus is new on the scene with a very well done children's story called Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.

Tony Piontek - 39:50 - Tony has been a self-advocate pretty much his whole life and has worked for or on the boards the NDSC, IDSC, and Global Down Syndrome Foundation to name a few.  Tony can always be found ready to talk, listen, and smile!

Melanie Perkins McLaughlin - 45:10 - Melanie is a mother of a child with DS and an Emmy award winning filmmaker.  She recently produced a series of shorts for the NDSS entitled "My Great Story". Amazing work from an amazing person!

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SUFD LowDown#23 - A&E's BORN THIS WAY- Producer and Cast

We went live at the NDSC conference this year doing over 23 podcasts. This podcast was incredible as we got to check in behind the scenes with the amazing producer and awesome cast of the Emmy-nominated Born This Way.  Can't say enough about this show and big thank you to BTW and these incredible people for allowing SUFD to interview them and open up about their thoughts, opinions, and great stories from the show.  Now go get that EMMY!

If you'd like to jump around, you can forward to the following times:

Laura Korkoian - Executive Producer - 3:20

Steven and parents Dave and Claudia - Cast - 29:20

Elena and mother Hiromi - Cast - 51:10

John and mother Joyce - Cast - 1:04:40


Apologies for the sound quality.  The interviews were conducted in the main hallway of the conference so there is quite a bit of background sound(which I think is actually kind of cool!) and for some reason, whenever the cast was being interviewed, A LOT of people were around. Please adjust your volume accordingly.

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For the 22nd podcast, we are very lucky to get the amazing John C. McGinley.  John is an incredible actor who has been in numerous films, TV shows, and on countless stages.  If, for some reason, you do not recognize the name, you may remember him from his first film, Platoon.

John C. McGinley in Platoon (NSFW language)

Or you may know him as the ridiculously funny and irreverent Dr. Cox on the long-running sitcom Scrubs. 

John C. McGinley as Dr. Cox on Scrubs

But, in the Down syndrome and Disability community, Mr. McGinley has become a fierce advocate and vocal supporter and board member of such organizations as the NDSS, Special Olympics, and now serving on the board of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.  Check out the clip below to here John talk about his mission with the Spread The Word Campaign.

John C. McGinley talks about the R-word

His passion for the Disability Community is recognized immediately in his voice, and we are so pleased he decided to share that as well as some incredible stories about his acting experiences that will leave you very upset this podcast only lasted an hour. 

We would like to thank our friends at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation for helping us set up this interview.  Enjoy the ride!

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Robb Scott had an incident that left his heart empty, and feeling very emotional.  Immediately following the incident, he got into his car, and poured his heart out and uploaded it to the internet. 100 million views later he has redeemed the missed opportunity during the incident and used an incredibly heartfelt and authentic moment to create awareness that can't be duplicated by any professionals out there. If you haven't see his video, you can see it here.

Great interview and discussion, and congrats to Robb for the awareness he's created through his difficult but very real moment showing a parent's heart.


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