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SUFD LowDown #17 - Jen Jacob(DSDN) and David Egan(NDSS)

DSDN VP Jen Jacob comes in at the 4:10 minute mark to discuss the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network and their first Rockin' Moms Retreat in Minneapolis September 11-13. Then David Egan, Fellow at the NDSS, and incredible self-advocate comes in at the 46 minute mark to talk about his life, his accomplishments, and his perspectives.  Plus, get to know who they're inviting to dinner.

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For the 15th LowDown I've put together 2 solid interviews.  Gail Williamson kicks in at the 3:30 mark and goes to 55:30.  Gail is the Founder of Down Syndrome In Arts and Media.  Essentially she is the agent to so many actors, models, and otherwise talented individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities that are appearing on TV, Film, Stage, and in print.  Paul Daugherty(56:30) is a sports columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer and has written several books.  His latest, An Uncomplicated Life, shares the journey he and his wife have had in raising their daughter, Jillian, into adulthood.  Jillian has Down syndrome and recently got married.  Enjoy the ride.

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Rob talks with Amanda Lukoff who is directing and producing The R-Word Film.  This documentary is tackling the R-Word both at home and abroad and interviewing some very key people who are big in this fight.  Listen to the very fun, funny, and ambitious Amanda talk about her passion for her sister and those with special needs that brought her to do this project.  And as a bonus, you get to hear an interview with my 11 year old son, Charlie.  He also talks about the R-word and how he's dealt with it at school and among his friends. (by the way, he handles it better than anyone I know!).  Listen in and enjoy the ride!

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Very informative podcast with someone who has incredible experience as an attorney advocating for those with disabilities, and as a director of many non-profits.  Peter Berns is the CEO of the Arc of the United States and provides some amazing insight into the disability community and ways we can be working together to make some significant improvents in the lives of all those with disabilities.

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Kris Polaha is an actor who has been in numerous televison and films.  Most recently he can be seen in the new FOX series, Backstrom with Rainn Wilson, but for this podcast, we are talking about his leading role as a retired, alcoholic baseball player in the movie Where Hope Grows.  A great guy who sheds some incredible perspective on life and working with his co-star David Desanctis, who has Down syndrome.  Kris also gives some good behind the scenes scoop on his time in Hollywood.  And of course, don't miss who his Top 5 dinner guests are. Enjoy the ride!

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Best Buddies International is a huge and amazing organization helping build relationships between people with disabilities and those without disabilities all over the world.  Started by Anthony Shriver in 1989, they have grown to 1900 chapters worldwide and working with over 900,000 individuals in that time.  They have a great vision for the future, and David is leading them there.  Great stories from David who has had a personal drive to grow this organization from the time he was in college. Enjoy the Ride!

NDSC's Executive Director, David Tolleson brings his southern hospitality and terrific perspective to the LowDown.  Great conversation from a father and very experienced leader within the Special Needs Community. 

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This one has 2 podcasts in one.  Sam and Mattie are 2 teenagers with DS who are making a zombie movie and a documentary about that zombie movie.  Sam's brother, and the creator of thier Kickstarter campaign, Jesse, is hear to chat with us. (12 minutes).  Then we bring in the Executive Director of the DSAIA(Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action), Deanna Tharpe to talk about a ton of stuff!(65minutes). Check out all the great things both of these two have to say.

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The 8th LowDown brings Hollywood to our little show.  We've got the writer and director of the movie Produce on the line and get to find out all about him, how he came up with the movie, and how his view of people with special needs changed so dramatically while making this movie.  This is a podcast you will hopefully want to share with others.  Beyond all that, please do what you can to get the word out on this terrific film.  It shows such a great awareness of those with DS and the Special Needs community.  Enjoy!

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Great, and yes, long but worth it podcast with Sara Weir from the NDSS, who will talk about all things ABLE Act and when we can see an actual vote, when the bill becomes law, and how long it will take to start using it.  Great Info!  Also at about 42 minutes in, we talk to Tim Harris and Sabrina Torreblanca.  THE Tim Harris is the owner of Tim's Place, and is the first person with DS in the US to own and operate his own restaurant.  Tim is fresh off meeting with the President, so we're happy he gave us some time.  Sabrina discusses the Harris' family new organization called Tim's Big Heart Foundation which helps entrepreneurs with developmental disabilities own their own businesses.  And of course, we learn about their dinner guests!  Great info and great conversations!

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